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Big milestone!

It is a new era for me and my wife. We moved to Germany, Konstanz. I made a job interview with a lovely company that called Keffekt Design. After 4 years I quit my previous job. Finding Keffekt Design has a cool story behind of it. There is Octane Facebook group. I was looking to the recent shares in the group. Suddenly I countered with Keffekt Designs render monster. I wondered them, actually I asked myself who are these guys who can make investments like that for CG industry. Later on I figured out that they are making same kind 3D stuff. I wanted to send them a mail. Then we made a skype interview at first. It was a lovely talking. Later on they invited me to Konstanz for 1 week trial so we would know each other better. It was a lovely 1 week. They were so nice, kind and very friendly. We both loved to work together. So they made a offer for me and I said big Yes for their offer. 2019 is a big milestone for us. I say us because at that time my wife was my girlfriend. We together decided to move into Germany, Konstanz. We were already dreaming about marrying. We decided to marry and move into Germany, Konstanz. It is a happy story. So here are we in Germany, Konstanz.